Seattle is at a crossroads. The kids I grew up with can’t afford to live here, and I’ve helped parents of friends move out of our community because they can no longer afford to live here. I stepped up to run for City Council because I haven’t seen the leadership we need, associated with the growth we are experiencing. 

In July, I wrote a letter about why I’m running and why this election matters; you can read this letter on my website. I outline my plans for addressing homelessness with a Housing First approach, creating enough affordable homes for everyone to afford to live near their job, developing a world-class public transit system, and my dedication to having a district office to bring you solutions in our community. This is what my campaign is about.

Today I write you again because this election has become about something else too: being accountable to the community, not special interests which are trying to buy this election. These special interests have spent $650,000 $900,000 and counting to keep me from representing you on Council, because they know I am accountable to you, not their bidding.

They have spent enough money to fund a Councilmember’s salary for an entire term, pay two decades of income for a warehouse worker, or open an affordable childcare center. Instead, these special interests are spending it to try to buy the legislative body constructed to represent you and your neighbors. 

I am not for sale. I am proud of our grassroots campaign.  Our volunteers have knocked on tens of thousands of doors. I am proud to have the most individual donors, most democracy vouchers, and most in-district democracy vouchers and donors in this race.  I have returned checks which I suspected had strings attached. 

I believe a Councilmember’s job is to represent their community and the people that live there, not special interests. I believe my job is to be accountable to you and the residents of District 6. 

Votes, not dollars, will win this election. If you care about building a sustainable, equitable, and affordable Seattle that works for everyone, I ask for your vote. 

If you want a Councilmember who will be there for you and get you solutions when you’re stuck in bureaucratic gridlock, I ask for your vote.

If you want a Councilmember who will be accountable to you and not special interests, I ask for your vote.

Seattle is strong. Our problems are a result of our success, and we have the responses at hand. The time for half-measures and studies is over – we need big solutions and bold leadership to keep what makes Seattle unique as we grow and change. I am asking for your vote to build our future, together. 


Dan Strauss

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