The Democracy Voucher Program gives every Seattleite the opportunity to donate up to $100 to our campaign. Democracy Vouchers are unique to the City of Seattle, and allow first-time and working candidates like myself to run for office without relying on the money of special interests.


Donate your Democracy Vouchers!

There are two ways to donate your Democracy Vouchers to our campaign: returning your vouchers by mail OR assigning your vouchers online.


Donating Vouchers Online:

To assign your vouchers to our campaign, use the online portal here.


Donating Vouchers by Mail:

You should have received your vouchers in the mail in February. If you did not receive any or have lost your vouchers, request replacements vouchers here.

  1. Fill the vouchers out with “Dan Strauss” (on all four!)
  2. Sign and date them
  3. Mail them back using the pre-paid envelope included with your vouchers. If you lost the envelope, just mail them to:

Democracy Voucher Program
PO Box 35196
Seattle, WA 98124

Thank you so much for your support!